Ukraine – Then and Now


In May, 2008, a German grain analyst cornered me at a cocktail party in Kiev and demanded to know when the Board of Trade was going to force convergence of soft red wheat futures with cash market prices. I replied, “Prices will converge when someone wants to buy lots of it” and headed for the appetizers. Hundreds of Europeans had […]

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Brazil’s APROSOJA reviews Chinese Plan for Railroad Across Andes to Export Soybeans to PRC

Chilean train dwarfed by Andes mountains carries chemicals to Pacific ports (used courtesy of Jean-Marc Frybourg at His work can be seen at

From APROSOJA ( Bing Translated Link to original Portuguese version: (When Brazil ramped up its ethanol production in 2006 to meet US demand to replace MTBE in US gasoline, several railroad projects and a few pipeline proposals were floated to meet the investment/transportation demand. As far as I know, none was ever completed. Brazil has struggled with its rail […]

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