Wayne T. Parman

Wayne Parman   

I am a 35-year student of world commercial grain and oilseeds markets now offering consulting analytical services and commentary through Grain of Truth, LLC. I am an Associated Person of John Stewart & Associates, and the advice we jointly give our clients is based on proprietary analysis of grain, oilseed, and ethanol markets in the U.S., Black Sea, Australia Canada, South America, and Asia. During my earlier career as a futures brokerage I worked with clients who are grain merchandisers, exporters, food processors, livestock hedgers, and bakers. I worked with groups in Australia, Canada, China, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the Black Sea, as well as in the US.

I’m interested in how growing demand for commodities now makes all grain and oilseed markets inter-related internationally – a major change in wheat in Russia causes ripples not only is US wheat, but also in corn and soybeans. A Brazilian drought that hurts sugarcane production affects US corn ethanol profitability.

I enjoy traveling, music, photography, and reading, particularly mysteries and history. My wife is a self-employed professional market researcher. Two of our children are teachers, one a marketing research data analyst, and the fourth a college professor of water quality.

Wayne T. Parman

President, Grain of Truth, LLC

Associated Person of John Stewart & Associates

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